A big thank you on behalf of the children in Sierra Leone…

Imagine a world where statistically for every 5 children in your family one of them will die before they reach the age of 5. A world where there are over 340,000 orphans who don’t have the love and protection of their parents and are at risk of the HIV and Ebola epidemics. This is the life of a child in Sierra Leone.

Finsbury Associates and the Kids Initiative have been working alongside All As One a charity that supports the children in Sierra Leone, to hold a drop day and series of fund raising events. Thanks to the kind donations of the Dubai public at our drop day we are able to send a container to Sierra Leone full of children’s items such as clothes, shoes, toys and games to make their life that little bit better. We thank you for your generosity.

Alongside this the Staff at Finsbury Associates went through a wide variety of grueling tasks to raise money for the children. From Billy Buckley, CRM having a full leg wax leaving him silky smooth for the ladies (but still unable to pull) and Danielle Baxter fasting for a full day… In total we raised over 600GBP.

Rebecca Smith, the event organiser said: “I can’t thank the Dubai public enough for their generosity at the drop day. We received so many quality items that the children are going to be so thankful for. I also want to give a big thank you to the staff at Finsbury Associates who gave up something in order for the children to gain something, whether that be the hair on their legs, swearing or food for the day… It all made a difference.”

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Helping the orphans in Sierra Leone…

The KIDS Initiative are working very closely with a charity called ‘All as One’ and are arranging a drop day on their behalf for orphaned children in Sierra Leone. Not only do these children not have the love and protection of their parents, they are also at risk of the HIV and Ebola epidemics in West Africa.

All that we are asking is that if you have any spare or unused children’s items- clothes, books, usable toys etc, that you kindly donate them to an amazing cause instead of eventually throwing them away.

The drop day is taking place this Friday 3rd April, 9am until 4pm at Jam Jar Arts Studio, just off Sheikh Zayed Road in Al Quoz. You can find a map and some information about the event on our website at www.kidsinitiativeuae.com/news

I know it can seem like a little bit of an inconvenience to do this on your well-deserved time off at the weekend but the small amount of time it will take to do this will be HUGELY appreciated by these little children.

We will be receiving pictures and videos when the items are shipped in a few weeks’ time which I will share on our Kids Initiative website also J I’ll be there all day on Friday, I really hope to see some of you there too.

Find a Map via thejamjar website:


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